The design was to target affordable and medium to high density housing in a site located in Balmain. Sydney. 

Looking back at Balmain history profile, the development of the suburb had been tied to main forces. The Topography & the deep water edge. The second influence, provided both the opportunity for water transport and water based industry. To keep the design connected to the industrial background, the houses is made from 20 FT shipping containers spread across the ground level. This allows a cheaper instruction, therefore, affordable dwellings for a working class suburb.
After choosing a design concept, considering Leichhardt Control plan & existing site condition the houses are sites to take advantage of neighbourhood orientation potential to increase population density by increasing the
number of dwelling placed on site. This also helps to extend to the same pattern for future growth.
To start this idea, the design has been processed by arrangement of all the containers on one side to distribute a courtyard/access to each dwelling. Buildings are made from combining 2 cargos, creating a comfortable 6x4.8 module. To increase community integration and efficient use of public spaces and provide 0.7:1 floor space ratio some of the containers has been removed.
The next step was to bring the two buildings on the edges toward the corridor to create central courtyard with also allows for max natural cross ventilation.
The design encourage freedom & privacy and independence. The house design apart that allow greater freedom to the neighbours without disturbing others and at the same time, by providing Common area & Share facilities in landscape concept, unit the neighbours. For the best use of space, habitable roof spaces has been consider in the design.




Jan 2015- Selected works



After the tragic earthquake in Bam city in south of Iran, Bam Council introduced a competition for a design of a community-Cinema complex to bring hope to the city again.

 According to the needs of society to enhance cultural activities and entertainment, this project been designed to reduce this deficiency in Bam city after the earthquake in 2003. The dry climate of the city was the main issue that affected building design. The building was surrounded with water followed by a movable façade, to moderate the weather as much as  possible. Stairs in front of the building play a multipurpose function. After connecting the street to building from middle, an attractive entrance is introduced acting as a place for people to gather before or after movies.


Bam Cinema House


2007- Mentioned student entry